4 Best Places For Trout Fishing Near Me In Colorado

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Are you someone who’s just starting fishing or planning to go fishing? If yes then freshwater fishes like trout fishes are easy to catch even for fishing beginners. Trout fishers are pretty common around Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and many other parts of the US. Moreover, Colorado is also considered as some of the best destinations for trout fishing. That’s why here’s a list of fishing destinations with trout fishers in Colorado. It’s an experience that you surely don’t want to skip. So, do check out these amazing fishing spots. 

1.Upper Colorado River

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There’s no better place than the Upper Colorado River when it comes to trout fishing. This river offers some of the nicest trout varieties which are tough to locate in the rest of the western slope of Colorado. The Upper Colorado River has trout such as cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, browns, brook, and a lot of trout population. It’s suitable for all kinds of fishermen. Moreover, it’s a place that’s perfect for not only fishing but camping, hiking, and many other activities. That implies a tour to the Upper Colorado River won’t be a handful. 

2.Blue River 

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If you prefer tailwater fishing then the Blue River is surely your calling. During summer, June is the best time for fishing while November end is the peak season in winters. The place was once a gold medal holder although it fell behind due to miss management. However, the river authorities are putting efforts to make it rise to the same level as before. 

3.Gunnison River 

This river is quite prominent for fishermen. Gunnison River is not very beginner-friendly since it has difficulties in access. The river covers a part of Black Canyon located in the Gunnison National Park. From cut bow to cutthroat trout, this place offers all varieties of freshwater fishes to visitors. You can catch salmon, brown well, and rainbow trout at Gunnison River. 

4.South Platte River

The South Platte River is one of the most popular locations for fishing in the state. It is largely known for its brown as well as rainbow trout varieties. Here you can find not just trout fishes but multiple other varieties of fish such as gar, common carp, etc. The river is safe which makes it ideal for fishing even for beginners. In other words, it’s a pleasant experience that you should not miss. 


Trout fishes are everyone’s favorite and above are some amazing places around Colorado for trout fishing. The Upper Colorado River and Blue River are nice spots for trout fishing and even hiking and camping. Gunnison River offers salmon, brown, rainbow trout, and many more but it does have its shortcomings. South Platte River has a variety of trout as well as other fisheries that makes it perfect for all kinds of fishermen.

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