A Beginners Tips For Magnet Fishing

Magnet Fishing Tips

Magnet fishing is gaining popularity quite fast and for all the right reasons. Pretty much like conventional fishing, there is the excitement of getting a catch. The thrill and fun are infectious, and yet, you need not worry about bait, fishing line, and waiting for the fish to take the bait. Magnet fishing requires just two major things – a magnet and a rope. So, if you are a beginner, these magnet fishing tips will get you going right away. 

Magnet Fishing Tips Before You Go On Your First Mission

For those who are still not acquainted with the idea of magnet fishing, the name is self-explanatory enough. It is fishing with the help of magnets. However, what you fish for are various items lost in the water’s depths, preferably in a lake. Even though the name contains the word fishing, it has nothing to do with traditional fishing. At most, you will come across numerous fishing hooks! 

So, what are things that you need to go for magnet fishing? Not much. Just a good magnet and rope and few other accessories. Here are a few tips that should get you all set for a day filled with fun and adventure! 

Get Neodymium Magnet

You might think that it’s unnecessary to get a powerful magnet such as the neodymium magnet, otherwise also known as “rare earth” magnet, but unless you want to spend a day frustrated by your catches, get this! The regular magnets will be of no use because under the water, there are loads of slug and mud, and to get anything out of it, you will need extra-strong magnets. However, be careful while using it as the magnet has the power to cause serious injury if not handled properly. 

Learn to Knot

Magnet Fishing Tips Rope Knotting
Magnet Fishing Tips Rope Knotting

Just like you need a strong magnet, you will also need a firm knot to keep the magnet tethered along with anything it gets attached to. Learn to tie solid knots. If your knot comes undone, your magnet will just add to the things lost under the water. 

Don’t Forget Gloves

Gloves are essential. You will see that whatever the magnet brings up will be covered in a lot of mud and grime. It’s best not to touch it with bare hands. Moreover, there is a high probability of finding fishing hooks. Unless you have a good quality cut resistant glove, you can get injured as well. Not to mention, the gloves will give extra grip when you pull out your catch. 

Get Right Ropes

People who go magnet fishing either get nylon ropes or paracord. Paracords are strong and lightweight, but they are not too long. However, nylon ropes come in long lengths and have the strength to hold on to great weights. They tend to stretch a bit as well. The challenge will be while getting the knot strong enough. You can check out all the types of ropes for magnet fishing. There’s a lot of options available. Choose one that will not fray or break under pressure in the water and easy to carry. 

Use Adhesive On Rope

No matter which rope you get, there is always the possibility of the cord getting undone due to all the twists and turns. It’s best to use adhesive, such as Loctite, to prevent that from happening. 

Magnet Fishing Tips For Beginners
Magnet Fishing Tips For Beginners

Select Right Spot And Be Patient

It is crucial to choose the right spot. Yes, luck is involved. However, you will also have to estimate the areas where people gather and get into the water. Those are the hotspots. And having patience is extremely important. You are, after all, in a guessing game. So, keep trying from all angles until you succeed. If not, then find another place for the next day. 

While conventional fishing has its attractions, magnet fishing is no less fun. It is also incredibly entertaining if you have kids and family with you. Just maintain every safety precaution. 

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