A Collection Of 5 Best Fishing Spots In London

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You can take real advantage of fishing in London’s ponds, lakes, and reservoirs as long as you have a valid fishing rod license. You can find some real hidden gems fishing spots in London. Once you’ve been to these hidden hotspots, you would want to ditch birds hunting in nightclubs for late-night fishing. You will surely need a wet fish slap in your face after seeing this list of fishing spots in London.

Enjoy Your Weekend At One Of These Fishing Spots In London

London, a city with numerous parks offering ponds and lakes, indeed spoils anglers for choice. So, what are you waiting for? Make your weekend count by visiting one of these fishing spots in London? Some of these spots are even free of charge.

Richmond Park

The first fishing spot on the list is Richmond Park, home to diverse wildlife and some of the best-looking carp you can find in London. If you like big carp, this place is all you need to go to. The biggest carp found here to date was 40lb+, which is larger than some of the pet dogs.

Clapham Common Ponds

These ponds are pretty popular among anglers, and that is why you can expect it to be busy here. Clapham ponds are situated between Clapham, Battersea, and Balham. You will only be permitted for fishing in Mount, Long, and Eagle pond, so, before pulling your rod out, you must check that you are at the right place. If you feel the need for any guidance, fishing wardens usually stay around on weekends.

South Norwood Lake

You can expect to catch some big carp and perch here. This fishing spot is most popular among locals, and they have been fishing in this public lake for many years. You can also purchase season tickets from the staff at the lake.

Epping Forest

Anglers can use 24 out of 100 ponds and lakes in Epping Forest, except they are closed in the cold season, i.e., March 15 to June 15 inclusive. You can fish in these streams peacefully as long as you are obeying signs and following rules. Also, this spot is famous for junior angling training events that take place during the summer.

Walthamstow Reservoirs

Walthamstow is an ideal spot for fishing and catching some specimen coarse and game fish, amongst nine individual reservoirs that are operated and owned by Thames Water. On reservoirs 4 and 5, fly-fishing is available all year, and also, you can catch some rainbow trout of top quality. Make sure you have a permit because this is an essential requirement for all these fisheries; you can purchase this from a self-service permit house or Gatehouse. And, you call read all other regulations at thameswater.co.uk. 


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Whether you want to seek solace for few hours, spend the day by the water with family, or enjoy fishing with a group of friends, the above-listed fishing spots in London can be one of your top picks for the weekend. Grab your road and refreshments, and you’re good to go to spend your weekend at its best.

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