All You Need To Know About Fishing Spots Virginia Beach

fishing spots virginia beach

Virginia Beach is famous for its broad walk which is situated on the oceanfront. It is a 28-foot wide marvel that extends 3 miles of the beach from 2nd to 40th street. Near about 19 million tourists visits Virginia Beach annually. People also know the city as “The Resort City” and “The Neptune City”. Generally, people visit here for the sun, the beach, the historical places and museums, the beautiful resorts, surfing, etc. Although many people are not aware of the fact that Virginia Beach is a great place for fishing. As it is located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic Ocean it provides a huge inshore fishery. People can find here the number of fishes. Some top species fishes are Striped bass, Cobia, Red drum, Mahi-Mahi, Spotted Seatrout, Wahoo, Atlantic Croaker, Tuna, Crab, etc. Few fishing spots Virginia Beach has are Mossy Creek, Eastern Shore, Kayak fishing spots, etc. In Virginia Beach, you can fish around from the shore, on a boat, on a kayak or paddleboard, etc.

Eastern Shore: Fishing Spots Virginia Beach

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Eastern shore has its unique features that are you can catch fish from both the bay and the ocean in just one day. You can spread your fishing net on both sides of the peninsula either on the Chesapeake Bay or the Atlantic Ocean. This makes it an exclusive fishing spot. There is no offseason in the eastern shore you can fish here any time of the year, but for offshore fishing, the summer season is the best choice. In the summer season, people can find here The Silver King.

Mossy Creek: Virginia Beach Fishing Spots 

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In Virginia Mossy Creek is one of the premier fly fishing spots and it is very famous among the fishermen. It is said that it is a very difficult fishing spot. Brown Trout is found here which makes it more challenging because it is not at all easy to catch. Here banks are very steep, lots of underwater vegetation and swift runs are present. One can also find Yellow Trout here. If you can tolerate all these obstacles and keep on trying you can catch 25” Brown trout. All your hard work will be paid off.

Kayak Fishing Spot

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is more fun from a Kayak. You can find here numerous inshore fish species like Spadefish, Cobia, Stripers, and many more. If you are looking for freshwater fishes, you have to visit Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It is also far from the crowd of the city. You can find here Bluegill and Crappie, Bass, Catfish and also gar. In Lynnhaven bay, you can find flounder, Speckled trout, and Puppy drum.

There are many other fishing spots and each one of them has its unique characteristics. Virginia Beach is one of the most famous tourist spots on the East Coast. For the anglers, Virginia Beach is one of the best places for vacation as they can have much fun in the water.

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