Bass Fishing Spinner Baits – Here Is How You Can Catch Fish

Spinnerbaits work as a classic bass lure, as the bass is enticed by the vibration and flash of the spinning blade or blades. It is one of the most adaptable lures in the world of bassing. It is made of two or more spinner blades on an overhead shaft. This is combined with a lower shaft that has lead weight. Last is a hook covered by a rubber-tentacled skirt. These bass fishing spinner baits can be fished in many different depths of water with numerous retrieves. How you should work a spinner bait in bass fishing is often determined by the depth of the water.

The setup of bass fishing spinner baits includes blades, wires, skirts, hooks, trailing baits. Rods, reels, line choices are also important.

Let’s look at blades

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Depending on the situation, different types of blades have distinct purposes. For example, large blades provide more vibration, while smaller blades help the lure to stay down on a faster retrieve. Everything needs to be balanced with the weight of the head and the gauge of the wire. Otherwise, it is possible to either overpower or underpower your lure. There are chances that it will not remain upright throughout the retrieve. 

When using more than one blade, it is crucial to know how one blade impacts the other. The color of the blade is also essential. An expert says that he tends to stick with two silver blades when in clear water or shade are the primary forage. While when in dirtier water or when perch and bluegills are the prey, he tends to use two gold blades. In the “in-between” conditions or when the forage is mixed, he uses one gold and one silver blade. A small neon red “kicker” blade in front of a large gold blade is a deadly combination is known by the Oklahoma anglers.   

Common types are Colorado blades, Indiana blades, Willow leaf blades, and Oklahoma blades (also known as the turtle back blade).

When and why of spinnerbaits

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Cloudy skies are the best days to take out the bass fishing spinner baits. Sunny days and high sky are typically not productive when fishing with spinnerbaits. Deadly days to use the bass fishing spinnerbaits are windy ones and with muddy water. Lastly, shallow water is the best place to work bass fishing spinner baits. Areas like muddy shorelines and thick vegetation edges are fitting places to use a spinner bait. 

Why do spinnerbaits work? Bass are sight-feeders, so you use something that grabs their attention visually. They also feed with their lateral line, so you want to feel plenty of thump as the blades rotate. Be consistently aware of what the fish is feeding on. For example, using a shad to a crawfish buffet doesn’t work. Be careful to keep the lure at the correct depth in the water column. A lure is likely to be ignored if it passes too far under or over a bass. 


There are various styles of spinnerbaits and factors to consider before choosing bait for these lures. The bass fishing spinner baits are selected based on the angler’s reviews, quality of materials, etc. The following is an example of spinnerbait available:

Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait – These bass fishing spinner baits are smaller and lighter than most and have a single Colorado blade making them great for casting a light bait or for using the ultra-light rods. They are made with premium components, and hence, are known for their quality. It comes in 12 colors. 


Bass fishing spinner baits come in a range of sizes, colors, blades, and can be used in a variety of situations like in moderately deep water or for shallow fishing. There’s no one size fits all – trying out different combinations is the way to use bass fishing spinnerbaits.

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