Bass Fishing With Plastic Fishing Baits

plastic fishing baits

Plastic fishing lures come in a large variety, colors, and shapes. They can be very effective for many types of fishing. Most plastic fishing baits can be used in freshwater or saltwater fishing. You will need to choose the one that you feel will best catch the fish you are after. This article will take you through a few things to consider before buying your next plastic bait.

Anglers often debate which bait is the finest, the best tasting, or the most realistic. The truth is there is no right answer, and everyone has their own preference. The two main types of lures are the hard plastic version and the soft plastic or imitation of the same. Some anglers like the hook on a soft plastic lure, but others prefer a hard plastic bait, mainly because they don’t take as much effort to pull through the water.

An Overview

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Crayfish are known as one of the best tasting fish in the world. However, they are also some of the toughest. This makes them a great lure for many species of fish. Crayfish are very easy to work with, but can be difficult to catch. The smaller ones are generally not that effective, while the larger ones can easily overpower smaller lures.

Bass Pro Shops and other fishing supply stores sell plastic worms, lures, and other items for saltwater fishing. They also sell plastic worms for freshwater fishing that look very similar to the live worms. You can also find plastic worms at bait and tackle shops, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cabelas. These types of plastic baits usually work well for many species of fish.

Bass Fishing With Plastic Fishing Bait

The plastic lure that works best is the soft plastic lure that does not have a significant amount of material in it. Some of these baits float on the surface of the water, while others sink below the surface. A sink rate of three or less is the general range for this type of lure. It should be noted that when fishing for these types of lures, it is much easier to just throw them into the water and allow them to drift naturally.

Crankbaits are another type of lure that works well for a variety of saltwater and freshwater species. Crankbaits are used in every species of fish from salmon through to bass. The best way to fish for cranks is to use them where the fish are biting, such as in the surf or along the bottom of a lake.

Soft plastic baits are also great for trolling. Most people prefer to use crankbaits, as they sink very well and allow for a more natural feeding approach. You should however make sure that you allow enough time for your bait to soak up the food being thrown at it before using the hook. Crankbaits can also be used on bass, bluegill, catfish and walleyes. The benefit of soft baits is that they take up less space than other types of lure, and they will often cover more ground.

In The End

Another great lure for bass fishing is the soft plastic jigs. These baits will generally stay on the surface for a longer period of time than crankbaits or cranks. They will also work great if you fish in the evening. The biggest drawback with these baits is that you have to remember to keep them at the surface or they will simply sink to the bottom. They also work well if you fish during the night. In addition, the soft plastic baits work great if you are fishing in very slow waters as they will be right at the edge of the weed bed.

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