Best Fishing Hot Spots To Enjoy Your Fishingtime In The World

Fishing does not require a holiday, it makes your busy day into a holiday. Pick up the tools and go fishing. You get fresh air, inner peace, increased attention span, and come home happy. You start feeling the craving for delicious fish in the dinner. Many people just do fishing as a passion and after catching fish, they release them again into the water body. Whether you are an amateur fishing enthusiast or you are a pro, you must know about these fishing hot spots. Tourists from around the globe visit these places for its natural beauty and fishing attraction. 

Cairns And Lizard Island Area In Australia

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Have you heard the name of the great barrier reef? It has the world’s largest collection of coral reefs, with 400 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish, and 4,000 types of mollusk. It is located in the cairns and lizard island. Passionate people visit these places in early September and late December for a great fishing experience. Here the sun is very hot and the water is warm, so you need good company to enjoy your fishing time. At these fishing hot spots, you also enjoy beach life and the scenic beauty of the pacific ocean. 

Key West Area In Florida The USA

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The United States of America is famous for all sorts of tourist attractions. In Florida state, there is a place called Key West. It is a gateway to the Dry Tortugas town, which is world-famous for fishing. Besides fishing, you enjoy seafood amid sparkling blue waters and reefs. Experts rank this spot high on the list of famous fishing hot spots.

Azores Archipelago In Portugal

Do you know this palace holds the world record of over 20 catches of different spices of fish? Here you get a view of the mako shark to the whale. The Azores is a big fishing destination in between the stunning volcanic scenery beauty. If you are lucky enough, you also get to see the volcanic eruption nearby. 

The Orkney Islands In Scotland

Scotland is called Europe’s playground and in that part of the United kingdom, there lies a fisherman paradise. It is an abundance of fish species. The place also has nearby lochs and rivers, so you might catch saltwater fish, salmon, trout, bass, and hake there. You also get ancient vibes at these fishing hot spots. 

The Coromandel Peninsula In New Zealand

There are more than Kiwis in New Zealand. Coromandel peninsula in New Zealand attracts visitors from around the globe. Take the boat out anywhere in the Coromandel, and you’re sure to come back relaxed, and full of fish.


Next time you take a tour to these countries, do not forget to make a plan for these fishing hot spots. You will surely love your time there.

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