Best Fishing Spots in Connecticut

best fishing spots in ct

If you want to know where to find the best fishing spots in CT, then read this article. CT is one of the busiest states in terms of tourism and fishing. There are many places in Connecticut where you can go fishing. Here is a short description of some of the best fishing spots in Connecticut.

An Overview

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Connecticut is a U.S. State in southern New England, which has a rich mix of urban cities and more rural areas surrounded by saltwater fishing spots. Mystic is known for its Seaport Museum filled with ancient vessels, and the famous beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium. On Long Island Sound, the town of New Haven is well known for its beautiful campus and its famed Seaport Museum. Across the Connecticut River in Farmington, you’ll find several hot spots including Basement Fish Company (which specializes in deep sea fishing), Jack’s Place (which serve up some of the best steaks in CT) and Tuna Cat Cafe (which serve up some great tuna sushi).

If you’re looking for the best fishing spots in CT, then look no further than Farmington. Located on the CT border, Farmington is home to numerous large game fish such as trout and salmon. Two popular locations to fish are the Weyermann Park and Wethers Wildlife Management Area. The park features a boat ramp and nature trail, while the wildlife area offers a guided tour of various species of animals.

Best Fishing Spots

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When you’re looking for the best fishing spots near fishing hot spots in CT, New Britain is your best option. Located in the far west end of the state, New Britain is home to many fine rivers, streams, and lakes. You’ll find several excellent locations for fly-fishing in New Britain. One popular spot is Lake Champlain, which is located on the New Britain River. The lake is managed by the National Parks and Recreation Administration, and offers opportunities to catch walleye, bass, northern pike, whitefish, and more. Other popular river fishing spots in New Britain include Mount Washington and Lemon Mountain.

After discovering the best fishing spots in CT, we now tell you about the best fishing spots near beautiful Connecticut cities. We begin with New London, Connecticut, home of the popular Holyoke Dam. Located on the Connecticut River, about an hour from Connecticut’s capital, this picturesque river town offers abundant water, plentiful fishing opportunities, and proximity to other Connecticut attractions and activities. In addition to fishing, tourists can enjoy nature walks, boat tours, swimming, sailing, and kayaking.

Best River

If you plan on heading to Connecticut for a weekend of freshwater fishing, you should consider two rivers that feature consistently good fishing: The Connecticut River. The Connecticut River is located in Connecticut’s first congressional district, while the Connecticut River is located in the state’s second congressional district. Out of these two rivers, the Connecticut River receives the majority of its precipitation and is therefore typically deeper and colder than the New London or New Britain Rivers.

Both of these rivers offer excellent opportunities for catching trophy size trout. During cold seasons (fall), both of these rivers are an excellent spot for fly-fishing, although the temperatures of the waters may vary. Fly-fishers often use minnows as bait, with some fishermen referring to the New London or New Britain rivers as having “minnow holes”. The Farmington River is the shallowest and coldest of the two; however, it is also the primary source of whitefish in the region and is considered by many to be the best trout fishing in CT. The Farmington River offers an amazing variety of catches, including perch, rainbow trout, brook trout, musky, silver trout, black drum, red drum, pike, and pickerel. There are a number of charter companies in CT that offer fishing trips to the two rivers, but many anglers prefer to go to the streams and lakes for catching trout.


A popular freshwater fishing destination in Connecticut is the New Haven River where many locals and out-of-state anglers fish. Many charter boats ply this area year round, providing opportunities for fly-fishing and deep-sea fishing. The fishing is generally good all season, although the winter months are usually cold and chilly, with temperatures below the freezing mark. In the springtime, however, the waters warm up, and anglers can reel in brook trout, perch, rainbow trout, black drum, blue catfish, and several types of crappie. This natural reservoir offers abundant waters for both fresh and saltwater fishing opportunities.

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