Crappie Fishing Baits – What To Use

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When it comes to Crappie fishing, there are some important and not so important pieces of information. These are the things that you need to know about Crappie fishing bait and lures that will help you be a successful angler.

More About Crappie

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Crappie live in areas where there is a lot of sun exposure. This is why they will often go after lizards or frogs, and even birds that fly into their area. To catch them successfully, the best bait is one that can be lured into the water as well as a lure that they will be able to bite with ease.

As far as baits go, the most common one used by fishermen is the crankbait. These baits come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easy to find one that will match any outfit. If you are a person who likes to have different colored lures for various locations, then this may be a good choice for you. However, if you are looking for a simple and basic style for a small fishing trip, then a crankbait would not be the best choice.

When you are trying to attract Crappie to your fishing spot, the best thing to do is to use a lure that will imitate the movement of the fish. When they are coming in from the water, you can use a crankbait that is made up of spinner action. This type of lure has enough spinner action to make it look like the fish are swimming through the water. However, when they are actually in the water, they will be very active so you should try using a crankbait that is a little more basic. For example, you could go with a jighead or a worm.

Fishing Crappie On Land

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If you are going to fish for Crappie on land, then you will want to use a minnow instead of the crankbait. A minnow will give you better control over the pace of the lure when it is being dragged through the water. Also, minnows are easier to use because they are much more forgiving when it comes to windy conditions. They do not have the same problems as a crankbait would have if it was dragging through the water.

For other times when you are going to use baits that are similar to those for Crappie on the water, you might consider using something called a stink bait. These are used to attract both the bass and crappie. The main purpose for this is to entice the crappie into the area that you are planning on fishing.

Consider Some Decent Variety Of Crappie

When it comes to selecting baits, remember that it is much easier to find a decent variety of Crappie if you buy them in bulk. That way, you can mix and match the different types to get a good combination that works. For example, if you buy crappie and minnows in large quantities, you can mix them in with each other to create a unique look that has a lot of interest to Crappie.

Remember that if you want to be successful at catching Crappie, it helps to have a plan in place before you begin your trip. This way, you won’t be wasting time or money that you can use for something else. The more information you have in front of you, the more likely you will be to be successful.

Final Words

However, if you already know how to catch crappie, then it would be wise to stick with using one of these baits until you have become a more experienced angler. Once you have the hang of it, then you can move onto other baits such as minnows, worms, stink baits, and stink plugs to try to get a more comprehensive feel for what kind of Crappie you are hunting.

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