Crappie Fishing Tips – How to Catch the Big Ones

crappie fishing tips

So you want to learn some Crappie fishing tips, huh? This is actually an excellent article because I am going to give you a little bit of the inside scoop on how I go about fishing for crappies. Crappie is actually a great fish to fish for, but it’s very important to know exactly what types of Crappie you are going after. You can’t just pick up any bait you find at the local tackle store and expect to catch any Crappies.

First of all, let’s talk about where you should fish for crappies. Let’s start off by saying this is by far the most important article here.

Crappie is huge fish, and they have a lot of different characteristics that make them so special to look for in a fishing pond. Please read on to learn about the most popular types of Crappies, and then please pass along the graphic we have put together with these Crappie Fishing tips!

The second type of Crappies that you will find in the pond is known as the small crappies. These smaller fish will typically bite smaller baits more often and will generally be more active than their larger cousins.

The third and largest types of Crappies are called large types. The large types will bite more frequently and will also feed more aggressively than the smaller types.

Crappie Fishing Tips

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The fourth type of Crappies is called the panfish. Panfish are very aggressive and will also eat much smaller fish in the pond when left unattended.

The fifth type of Crappies is called the blue crappies. These fish tend to be more aggressive and will even attack swimmers and baitfish, which are really not something you want to happen!

The last type of Crappies is also called purple crappies. These fish are a bit quieter than the rest and tend to bite less often, but still very active and will still eat much smaller fish in the pond.

Now that you know what types of Crappies are there in your pond, you will need to find out what type of bait you should use to attract them. The easiest way to find out what types of baits to use is to use your common sense simply.

If you are trying to catch one of the smaller crappies, then it’s probably a good idea to go after some minnows. This will attract smaller crappies to you and help you catch them. If you are trying to catch one of the large ones, then using a smaller bait will probably be the way to go.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for the bait you will be using is the lure’s shape. Lures can come in many different shapes and sizes. You will want to make sure the lures you choose to mimic the size and shape of the fish you are trying to catch.

Some More Facts

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One thing to note here is that the top of the water is considered to be the biggest problem area for catching Crappies. There are two main reasons for this, the first reason being that the fish swim through and get into the surface of the water because they are so hungry, and then the other is because they are generally more active at this time of the year.

You will be able to tell when the water level drops by looking at the bottoms of the ponds. Usually, when the water level drops, you will find a lot of small crappies and a lot of bass at the bottom of the pond.

If you are trying to catch the big ones in the pond, you will find that they are generally very active at night because they will be much more active than during the daytime. If the sun is out, you will be able to catch a lot of the smaller ones while the fish are sleeping in the deeper waters.

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