FFXV Fishing Spots – How to Get the Best Lure in Rift

ffxv fishing spots

In the FFXV fishing spots review I have been doing for the past few months, I have realized that not only can I catch more fish, but I am also catching them in more challenging waters. This is because I now know how to use the technology that has been created to record the locations of fish. In the past, I would go into the water and just use my trusty GPS. Now I can be in the water and find the best places for the big catches. In this article, I am going to give you the details on my new tech.

In June of 2018, I was having a hard time with one of my favorite past times – fishing for trout. The waters that I like were being invaded by a lot of bass and it seemed like no matter how hard I tried, they were never coming up to my boat. This put me on a mission to start learning how to use my new FXV fishing spots discoveries and create true trade fishing opportunities. I needed to figure out where the bass was coming from so I could use my data to target them when I fished these areas.

Excellent Feeling

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My first stop was the Punta Cana area of the Dominican Republic. There are several sites that allow you to enter their data base and view all of the ffxv fishing spots that they have available for you to fish. At one of these sites, I noticed that there was a location called Dragon’s Tooth. It seemed like such a strange name for such a great spot, but it looked promising.

I decided to head over there to take a look at the waters that I was hoping to catch some trout in. I loaded up my iPhone and headed over to the ffxv fishing spots review. I was really excited to see what I found. As I mentioned above, they had these virtual guides that taught me everything I need to know about Dragon’s Tooth and even helped me find it in my fishing spot! I started playing around with the fishing spots that were listed on the guide, and I was able to make a few dollars on my first trip. I also had the chance to try out the Rift, which is actually an amazing fishing game.

How To Catch Fishes

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From here on out, I found that I had a constant supply of Dragon’s Tooth and other delicious fishing spots that I could fish from. I decided that the best way to improve my game would be to learn how to use the Rift, so I purchased it and downloaded it immediately. My first time using the Rift, I landed on a fishing spot and got a very nice fish. I was very impressed! After doing this, I knew that the ffxv fishing spots that I had been missing out on were going to be extremely difficult to come by, since there wasn’t much content relating to fishing in the Rift.

I didn’t waste much time finding more Rift ffxv fishing spots in the new patch of MMORPG: FTW. There are many more that have been added since the last patch. I especially like the new ones, namely the Neverwinter Frontier, Borean Tuna, The Barren Depths, and The Nexus. These areas are all filled with combat, but are also home to rare fish that I didn’t have access to before.

Last Tips

It has also been announced that starting with patch 1.3 we will also be getting the first raid in the game, called Aion’s Might! This raid will not only add another layer of game play for your character, but will also introduce you to a new crafting skill that will help you build your fishing skill tree. This means that you will be able to start making farming tools such as the Gatling gun and various others, instead of having to farm materials manually.


I hope that this new, updated RiftfFXV fishing guide helped you find more of the best Rift fishing spots! If you’re still having trouble finding good fishing spots and other items, don’t worry, there is always time to get your act together. As always, be careful where you put your farming tools or the ones you plan on selling. Never put them near enemy NPCs that can attack you. And of course, if you’re looking for an amazing fishing gear, don’t expect to find it in Rift. You’ll have to find it on other MMORPGs.

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