Fishing Technique Every Newbie Should Know

Fishing Technique

The best fishing technique is a personal preference, but many people will agree that casting a jig in the right direction should be the first step. This involves using a spinning rod (either mono or multi-strand) and turning it through its full length until the end of the rod is facing the same direction as your bait.

The rod tip must point down towards the water, this creates a swirling motion when the rod is moving and ensures that the lure hits the surface of the water at the correct angle to attract a bite. This technique is very simple to master, and once you do you can put up a tempting live bait (like a drum, minnow, or even a lobster) and wait for that special trout to appear.

Ways To Improve Your Fishing Technique

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One popular way to improve your fishing technique is to stop casting with a line and reel in the fish. This requires more than just patience though, as it is important to keep the line slack and get the fish in the boat.

When getting the fish into the boat, it is a good idea to hold the line as far away from the fish as possible, whilst lowering the boat onto the river bed. When in the water, bring the weight of the boat behind the fish and slowly sink it towards the surface. Then the angler casts the jig out again, hoping to get the lure close enough to grab.

To keep the weight of the boat behind the fish, it is a good idea to use live baits, which will sink further than dead bait and ensure that they get closer to the bottom, closer to the trout’s feeding zone. Live baits also provide good visual effects, as they are bobbing up and down and moving with the movement of the boat.

Basic Rules That Can Help Improve Your Fishing Technique

There are a few basic rules that can help improve your fishing technique. They are:

Don’t go overboard when fishing. When you’re fishing, you’re not out on a family outing. Don’t think about all the things you could do if you were actually out on the water. Sometimes, being a good angler means that you won’t go out and do everything you want.

Learn to trust your instincts when you’re fishing. Don’t ever be afraid to cast a fishing rod out in the middle of the river when you are following a fish, because you may not know where it’s going to take you. If you learn to trust your instincts, you will be able to cast an accurate and productive line out, and you will be able to hit a fish out of the water for dinner.

Other Rules

Fishing Technique Every Newbie Should Know
Fishing Technique Every Newbie Should Know

You need to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to fishing equipment. Keep in mind that the new fishing equipment that you purchase is going to be replaced, so you need to buy equipment that is going to last you years to come. Other things to consider are whether or not the fishing rod has enough vibration dampening.

Remember that just because you are a beginner in fishing, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and try a new fishing technique. Make sure that you are learning the basics, but don’t forget that there are still plenty of little tricks you can practice in order to become better at fishing.


It is only by playing by the rules of fishing, that we are able to continue to enjoy a fishing trip. And this is why there is such a great deal of enjoyment in the sport of fishing.

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