Hook And Reel – Cajun Seafood Restaurant Chain

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Hook and Reel is the fastest growing chain of cajun seafood restaurant concepts gradually taking over the US. Tony Wang launched Hook and Reel in 2013 in Lanham, Maryland, which is now expanding its franchises faster than a fisher can haul in shrimp. It currently has sixty locations, all franchised and specialized in Cajun/Creole seafood. The food this restaurant offers is incredibly tangy and spicy, and it catches various customers. The three most popular entrees of Hook and Reel are seafood boil, where guests can build their meal, po’boys that includes oyster, fish, chicken or shrimp, and chicken wings. And if you are thinking about the bill, then the regular dinner check you will get here is around $20 per person. 

Most of the Hook and Reel restaurants are spacious, accommodating 140 to 320 guests with space ranging from five thousand to ten thousand square feet.

3 Reasons Why Hook And Reel Is Expanding Quickly

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Here are the key reasons why this Cajun seafood restaurant chain is expanding quickly. Have a look.

  • The CEO Tony Wang and managing partners’ team of the Hook and Reel has been focused on the same purpose that is expanding the business.
  • Because the sales of the restaurants are very high, and the franchisees contact them constantly.
  • The restaurant team screens the franchisees to manage to have restaurant experience as personally managed or a personal owner of the restaurant.

Know Why Do Customers Receive Disposable Bibs And Gloves At Hook And Reel

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Hook and Reel provide its customer bibs so that after wearing those bibs, customers don’t destroy their clothing. And they provide gloves so that the customers can completely dig into the seafood, which is down and dirty. Also, it helps the customer to put down their phones and enjoy some honest conversation with friends.

Know Who Is The Target Audience Who Dines At Hook And Reel

Hook and Reel’s target audience is primarily socially active, ranging from age 25 to 45. You may often see such people coming to the restaurant after work and for celebrations or with families.

The Trap Of Hook And Reel In Growing So Fast

The managing partner of Hook and Reel says that many restaurant franchisees have failed because the owner couldn’t be there. He also added that if you invest a million dollars in a restaurant, would you want to let it fail? Probably not. You would be present every day and stay there for as long as possible to perform your best. And if you have that, indeed, you won’t fail.


Hook and Reel believe that their success depends on the location of their restaurants, the corporate team, and the job environment they provide to their employees. And being great at all three bases, Hook and Reel are fastly moving on the path of success.

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