How To Choose The Best Ice Fishing Tackle At A Discount

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Right now, our web site features thousands of top-quality products for ice fishing, fly fishing and kayak fishing. In addition to our online store, we have a well stocked Pro Shop located at our headquarters in Charlotte NC. Stop by, check out some of our products and talk to our knowledgeable product specialists, including a live customer service representative, and order any of the products listed on our website.

The Fly Fishing Marketplace at Fishusa is located on US 60 west of exit number 13 in Barrensville. Fishing is year round at this location. For those who are new to the area or just arriving for the season, Fishusa has the best selection and the best prices for saltwater and freshwater fishing in North Carolina. Freshwater fishing includes catfish, perch, trout and many more species of fish native to the state. Saltwater fishing also includes flounder, croaker, Roach, sturgeon, rainbow and bonefish, as well as numerous species from the nearby rivers and streams. If you plan to purchase your tackle, rods, reels or any other accessories at Fishusa, they offer the lowest prices in town.

Most Species Of Fish

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Most species of fish found in the waters of Fishusa reside in slow moving schools. That’s where the vast array of lures available are most valuable to experienced or beginning fishermen. From crankbaits and spoons, plastic worms to the larger and more expensive live or fresh bait fish lures such as flounder and roach, there is a lure to fit every fisher’s preference. With thousands of different combinations in stock, fish finders and catalogs at fishusa make finding the perfect lure, bait or rod easy.

There is a full service shop onsite to provide all of your tackle, rods, reels, fishing apparel and accessories. Anglers have access to a full service shop that specializes in ice fishing tackle. Ice fishing is an increasingly popular sport among American anglers. At Fishusa, you will be able to browse a section of the inventory dedicated to ice fishing supplies. There is even a family shop with special items for children and other family members.


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For the fisherman who likes variety, but without the hassles of sorting through hundreds of different brands, fishusa offers a large selection of custom designed fly fishing rods. Fishusa designers use the same high quality standards that have made them one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sporting goods. Whether you are searching for an action rod with unique material or one that has a comfortable handle and strong locking mechanism, you will find it at fishusa.

Another aspect of ice fishing at Fishusa is their comprehensive range of lures. From short term lures to saltwater lures and everything in between, you will find everything you need at fishusa to help you become an expert at your favorite form of fishing. You can choose from a huge range of crank baits, minnows, fishfinders, spoons, flies and much more. If you are looking for something a little more exciting, there is an extensive range of saltwater lures and plugs.


A large section of fishusa’s inventory is devoted to tackle, and this is where you will want to spend the majority of your time looking through catalogues and looking through product descriptions. 

The pro shop at fishusa consists of a comprehensive range of line, rods and reels, and a wide variety of tackle boxes. Whatever your fishing style is, you will be sure to find something to suit it at the fishusa pro shop.

Final Words 

Some of the most popular products at fishusa include their award winning fly rods and reels, and you will be able to take advantage of many more exclusive lines here. With such a huge range of equipment available at a great price, you can afford to stock up on any products you find interesting. Whether you are looking for a simple rod or a high performance reel, you will find it all at fishusa. Once you start shopping, you will discover that they stock some of the best quality products around. If you want to take your game to the next level, then you will definitely want to consider taking your hobby to fishusa.

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