How to Find the Best Fishing Lakes Near Me

fishing lakes near me

If you’re wondering if there are any opportunities for recreational fishing close to me, or, more importantly, if there are any urban fishing lakes near me, you should pursue a few avenues of investigation to discover what aquatic bodies exist, where to locate them, what kind of fish they contain, and how to catch them. I’ve fished in several Eastern rivers and lakes in Pennsylvania, and I’ve discovered some beautiful lakes, especially in the winter. Some of the best fishing lakes in the area can be found in the concrete in sections of the river that experience seasonal flooding. The first thing you’ll want to do if you’re interested in fishing in a regular lake or river is determined what kinds of fish are found in that body of water, since the conditions may not be as favorable as you’d hope.

My first stop was a fishing lake near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There are a couple of popular places for crappie fishing in this area, but they vary in quality. For example, there is Lake Wasylyze in Lycoming County, and it’s a great place to experience crappie fishing – with the exception of the summer season. During summer, the water gets pretty bad for crappie, which can result in very poor hooking numbers and, sometimes, no crappie at all! You can also find other types of smallmouth bass in the North East of the state, including common targets such as channel catfish, smallmouth bass, bluegill, and crappie.

Fishing Lakes Near Me

Fishing Lakes

Some fishing lakes in the northeast feature rocky areas, usually over a foot deep, with patches of brush in between. This is a habitat and breeding ground for several types of large predatory fish. Examples include shad, pike, musky, catfish, walleye, and northern pike. These fish tend to stay close to the shore, where they can spot baitfish and go after them. This type of lake is better for those who like to use “fishing” as their main activity, because you can find everything from crankbaits, worms, small game fish, etc.

For those who like to target trophy size fish, fishing lakes near me in the northeast offer numerous opportunities to do just that. Two of my favorite fishing spots are located in the Susquehatchie River and the Chippewa River. The Susquehatchie has some outstanding largemouth bass, particularly bluegill, while the Chippewa has some really big walleye. In addition to these species, you will find many smaller species in these rivers as well.

One of the best choices for fishing lakes in the northeastern region is to head towards the coast. If you prefer to fish from more than one lake, head towards the beach. Most people do not realize that there is a lot of fishing going on along the beaches. The fishing is often quite good because the coastal waters are very consistent. Also, the beaches are generally less expensive to access, plus you can often purchase your fishing gear right on the beach, right off the boat.

A Much Ado 

Fishing Lakes

But sometimes, you just want to head inland. There are numerous lakes that are located within a few miles of Northeast Ohio, allowing you to hit several different fishing lakes in one trip. However, keep in mind that the terrain can vary dramatically. If you are not familiar with the landscape, an interactive map may help you to determine the best fishing spots. The interactive map is especially helpful when you are attempting to locate the best fishing lakes near me.

There are also remote lakes in the northeast. If you prefer to fish in the quiet of a private lake then this is definitely an option for you. In most cases, the fishing lakes will be located far from any other cities or towns. This allows you to really become adventurous and enjoy nature at its finest. However, keep in mind that most of these remote lakes require a boat to get into the water.

Bottom Line 

It is certainly possible to fish from many of the remote fishing lakes in northeast Ohio. And as previously mentioned, there is no need for a boat to get access to the lake. Many people have success using a canoe or kayak. You may want to call the local fishing store to see if they have information about which lakes are best suited for remote fishing.

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