Long Island Fishing Spots For You To Visit

A group of people crossing a bridge over a body of water

When planning a fishing trip with your loved ones, why not try Long Island fishing spots? Surrounded by the sea, it is ideal for kids and adults to make more memories together. Below are some of the best places you might want to consider visiting on a nice holiday. 

Fire Island Reef, Atlantic Ocean

Water next to the ocean

Located just two miles south of the Fire Island Lighthouse, this place is the home of striped bass and porgies, which are all in-season. Although you can’t easily catch a fish here, it can be a rewarding experience if you managed to do so. Furthermore, this place has plenty of room for fishermen to explore.

Robert Moses State Park, Babylon

A view of a city at night

If you’re in to catch some bluefish, this beach is the perfect spot for you and your loved ones. Not only you can do surf fishing, but also visit the different beach shops and even a golf course. However, you might be asked for a permit before getting in.

Hempstead Town Reef, Atlantic Ocean

A bridge over a body of water

Enjoy the warm breeze and the ocean waves as you wait for your first catch of the day. Located 3 miles south of Jones Beach Park, this natural reef is home to thousands of crab and fish species. You might even catch a rare, spiny dogfish if you pick this spot.

Kismet Reef, Great South Bay

A turtle swimming under water

This fishing spot is ideal for those with private boats because it doesn’t get too crowded. This exclusive looking spot is home to the striped bass, fluke, black sea bass, and blue fish. Don’t forget to try fishing in this area next time.

Fishing Line Reef, Atlantic Ocean

This natural reef is located 2.8 miles south of Long Beach. You can also find black see bass, fluke, and blackfishes in this area. Although this area can be turbulent during days of heavy boat traffic, going to this fishing spot can still give you picturesque views and breathtaking sunsets. 

Blydenburgh Lake, Smithtown

This lake is found withing the county park of Smithtown. Also known as Weld’s Pond, this place can offer you a chance to fish for yellow perch, bluegill, and pumpkinseed. Moreover, access to this lake can be found via many footpaths that lead into its perimeter.

Lake Ronkonkoma, Islip

This lake was actually formed by ancient glaciers. Since it’s always open, this is the perfect place for all seasons. Lastly, a 100-foot fishing pier located at the northern end of the lake can be an ideal spot for catching bass. 

Camman’s Pond, Merrick 

This small fishing site in Merrick is located within a suburban park. Although boats are prohibited, it can be accessed by foot or vehicle taking Merrick Road going south. Furthermore, this 2,850 ft. shoreline is the home of the white perch and the American eel.

Bellows Pond, Hampton Bays

This place not only offers fishing grounds, but also surrounded by playgrounds and campgrounds which are ideal for children. It is the perfect destination for you and your loved ones on an ideal holiday. However, a green key is required to access and experience more of its services.

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