Most of the best Lakes near me

lakes near me

Massachusetts is known as the “Bay State” because of the many bays on its coast. Massachusetts also has many bodies of water, some of which drain into the Charles River, Connecticut River, or the Atlantic Ocean. Some are also independent lakes and reservoirs. This is a list of the 15 best lakes in Massachusetts.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States of America and acts as a capital of Massachusetts. With the old colonial building and fascinating history, the city attracts many travellers from all over the world. Being located in the bay of Massachusetts, Boston serves as the main port and this also makes it a center of many bodies of water and Boston lakes make a paradise for travellers who love to spend time in the middle of nature.

Boston and nearby Massachusetts have many beautiful lakes, and you can take in the scenery by boat. Boston’s lakes are one of the most popular places for recreational activities. This is a great way to get away from the busy and busy leisure life.

Mystic Lake

A waterfall into a body of water with a mountain in the background

Scrolling through three different cities in the state of Massachusetts, it is known that meromictic mystical lakes are ideal for recreational activities, such as swimming, boating, sailing, fishing and picnic, especially from Shannon beach located on the Superior Mystic lake. The mystical river reserve includes the eastern shore of Los Lagos, while the mystical lakes were previously in Charlestown and the supply of Boston drinking water.

Spy Lake

The Spy Pond in Arlington, an hour trip city, is a lovely place to sit and admire the beauty of the lake or a walk along the cycle path. Although the size of the park is on the banks of the pond and relatively smaller than others, it is still a perfect place to enjoy nature, go fishing or kayaking over the weekend in summer, and a picnic with the family.

Crystal Lake

A wooden bench sitting next to a body of water

Crystal Lake was known by different names previously, such as the Wiswall pond and the Baptist when the church used it for baptism. Now, the crystal lake receives its name from the ice dealers who used the lake to collect ice. The lake is 23 minutes from the center. Located in the heart of the city of Newton, it covers 33 acres of land and is classified as “Great Pond”. The crystal of the lake offers a billiard shower during the summer, but it is also a great place for navigation, fishing or even to swim. 

Lake Cochituate

Lake Cochituate presents the Cochituate State Park, about 30 minutes from the city center. Although this lake is not suitable for swimming, it is very suitable for kayaking. There is also a beach in the park, which is perfect for picnics and even barbecues.


Boston is a place where many people vacation; people often look for attractions in or near Boston to have a good time. All of the above mysterious lakes are very famous and Bostonians spend most of their weekends in these lakes. All of the lakes in Boston are just a few hours’ drive from the capital so it is very convenient to visit

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