Must Watch Fishing Spots In Florida

A man holding a fish

Florida is one of the most beachiest places in the world, the word Florida itself brings up images of sea, saltlife, beaches and sun, it is indeed the most laid back vacation spot on the planet. It comes as no surprise that Florida and fishing go hand in hand, it is amongst the most important occupation of the people over there and some people, mostly tourists or vacationers do it for hobby or as a part of their holiday leisurely activity. 

One who loves fishing understands that fishing is the most relaxing and soothing experience and what can be better than knowing about the best fishing spots in Florida so that you can experience fishing at its best. These are few of the places in Florida that are famous for fishing. Apart from fishing they are also famous for their scenic view and mesmerising landscape. 

Daytona Beach

A close up of a fish

Daytona is one of the most famous beaches in the world, apart from it’s fame for having hard packed sand and motor racing, every year thousands of people go to Daytona for fishing. 

Siesta Key Beach 

A close up of a fish

Siesta key beach is voted as the number one beach in the US, it’s beauty is simply breathtaking as the sand is almost 100% quartz that gives it a snow like appearance. You can spend hours fishing on that beach and it will still feel like you haven’t had enough of the place. 

Tampa Bay

Tampa bay area is a small part of Tampa city in South Florida, this place is mostly filled with students due to the presence of state and public universities. A small city in this bay called clearwater is famous for its white sand and gulf beaches, it is the summer and spring break spot for the residents and nearby students. 

Cocoa Beach

A small beach near Cape Canaveral is famous for its popular surf spots and annual surfing competitions is popular among people who like fishing. 

Miami Beach

A dream destination, It is the hotspot of Florida. If you visit Florida it is highly unlikely that you are going to miss out on The Miami Beach. It is crowded all around the year with people that are vacationing, chilling so it is the most famous spot for fishing. You can indulge some interesting deep seas fishing if you are in Miami. 

Saint Augustine Beach 

St. Augustine is the oldest city in Florida, it was founded in 1565 and has the European era touch to it, it is a hard to miss place and has a small beach that can be visited if one is interested in fishing. 7. Florida Keys: A group of small islands (Key West, Key Largos) stretched over a few hundred miles has a collection of the most exotic fishes and if one is quite the collector of fishes then this is the spot.

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