Northern Pike Fishing Tips To Catch The Pike In One Go

northern pike fishing tips

Northern Pike, also known as freshwater Shark, is one of the most vital fish that every angler should pursue. These are voracious eaters, extremely excellent fighters, and usually targeted fishes. Due to these reasons, Northern Pike fishing is one of the most exciting and recreational activities that you can do on a Northern lake. 

Whether you are looking to learn how to target a new species or just want to add thrill to your day, the following list of northern pike fishing tips will be of great help to you. 

List Of Northern Pike Fishing Tips

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Find The Grass

Aquatic vegetation is home to a large number of Northern pikes. Northern pikes have elongated bodies along with large toothy mouths making it easy to catch their prey. 

So, when going for pike fishing, select a shallow but weedy area like flats or bays. But apart from weed lines, you can also find pikes in pat fields and wild rice beds throughout the summer. 

Use Gaudy Colors


The next most useful tip in the list of northern pike fishing tips is to use gaudy colors. Pike are visual feeders, so they are easy to get attracted to gaudy and bright colors. 

So, always try to use high visibility colors like bright orange, purple, etc., to increase the chances of pike’s response. However, The top choices for pike can include inline spinners, loud topwaters, spinnerbaits, and so on. 

Do Not Be Afraid To Upsize

Northern Pike has bigger eyes than its stomach. So, never be afraid to select a bigger bait. Plus, the bigger baits are easy to see from a distance. Hence, attracting various pikes at a single time. 

However, while upsizing the bait, remember to pay attention to the colors. As if you select a lighter color, the chances of visibility will be reduced irrespective of its large size. 

Cover The Entire Water

Northern Pike is highly aggressive, so it will not take you a long time to find out if there is any pike around you or not. So, it is advisable to keep the trolling motor on the highest mode and use the moving bait to cover the entire water area until you run into an active Northern Pike. 

Usually, Pike will load up in some particular areas, especially in the grass so pay special attention to such areas to catch them in the first go. 


All in all, catching a Northern Pike is not as difficult as it seems. Keeping these northern pike fishing tips in your mind will assist you in catching one in a much shorter duration. Also, apart from the above-mentioned northern pike fishing tips, remember to use his right tackle at the right time along with constant leading up. If you find these tips useful, do not forget to share this article with your friends.

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