Review of the Fish Place in Ellensburg Virginia

that fish place

That Fish Place is a award-winning, saltwater fish and pet supply store located in the foothills of beautiful Big Bear Lake. From our experienced staff, we guarantee satisfaction – every single time.” -Great Lakes Division of Aquarium and Aquatics Research, Education & Research, Inc.


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Over eighty years The Fish Place has served its customers with excellent service and a vast product selection, while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Many of our customers have been returning to that pet supply store for years. We strive to offer the very best in the area by serving our area’s pet population, which continues to grow each year.

Greatest Aquatic World

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Whether it’s the latest and greatest in pet beds, or whether it’s that special shampoo for your pooch, or that antique fishing pole, or that durable flea comb, that pet supply store has it. Their selection changes frequently to meet the demands of both pet owners and retailers. They offer an outstanding assortment of items that can be used in various aspects of owning a pet and are available at a fair price. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and eager to assist their customers, whether it be at the store or via the internet.


Located in the heart of the city of California, that Fish Place is conveniently located for shoppers in the Hollywood Hills area. You can shop on the many floors of that shop and have access to all that they have to offer, whether it be supplies or advice. There is a huge selection of products and several stores, so that customers can find exactly what they want and need. In this sense, it is not just a place where you buy supplies; it is more of a shop where you shop.

The Staff Members

The staff of that Fish Place is friendly, helpful, and personable, and customers will feel welcomed and comfortable when they visit that store. Some of their products can be quite expensive, but the prices are reasonable when compared to other places for supplies. They carry top brands, including Johnson & Johnson, that consumers recognize and trust, such as Duro Sheds products and Muddy Puddles, both of which are top-selling items. Their wide selection of catfish supplies allows them to serve all catfish types and sizes, ensuring that their customers will find exactly what they are looking for.

The Ambiance

The atmosphere of that Fish Place is very warm, friendly, and inviting, with lots of smiling customers and staff working the counter. It seems that this store likes to make sure that they meet the customer’s needs, and is ready at any time to help them with whatever they are shopping for. This store is one of the best around, whether you are looking for just basic supplies or something more complex for that special occasion. The price is very reasonable, which is good for people on a budget or for those who want something a little more extravagant. This store has one of the most laid-back atmospheres of any I fish store and definitely has the customer service you would expect from a retail establishment.

Wrapping Up

If you love fishing, you will love that Fish Place. Located in Ellensburg, near Ellensburg, the store is very convenient for travelers or those in the area who need to shop. You can get your gear delivered to your home or office without worry, and the store has a great location, with plenty of walking space, that also offers great views. Shop from the beach, from the road, or even from your car if you wish, because there are multiple parking lots available, and the store is open late for business eight days a week, seven days a week. No matter where you are, there is no reason that you should not stop by this wonderful store, which is conveniently located in the heart of Ellensburg, and it has everything that you could possibly need for your next fishing trip.

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