Seven Awesome Bow Fishing Tips That You Should Know

Bow Fishing Tips

Bow fishing is a fun way to spend your time outside in the summertime. The months of summer are dedicated to hunting and addiction. Moreover, Hunting for carp, suckers, and gar on a river is the best way to spend time outdoors, improving your skills in archery and staying sharp. Once you know how to bow fish, you want to reach the next level that involves catching more fish.

Are you a novice, then you should prepare well before going to bow fishing. In this article, you will read some bow fishing tips that will help you improve your skills.

Best Bow Fishing Tips To Help You Shoot More Fish

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Select The Right Tip


Make sure you are using the right tips for bow fishing as per the fish species you want to catch. Many people have good skills, but after that, they cannot catch more fish because of using the wrong tip. The tip with a smaller prong is not very good and suitable for large carp and soft-bodied because they usually slip straight out. A flexible blade will also snap off inside a big gar because of their durable and rough scales; therefore, you should keep 2 to 3 prong with spring-loaded and sturdy blades. It would help if you kept a blade that easily holds large gar.

Invest In Good Sunglasses

Buy good sunglasses is another bow fishing tips that you should know. When you spend most of the time bow fishing during the daytime, then you should buy good sunglasses that are actually polarized. These glasses help you to see the fish more easily. The quality of polarized glasses varies widely, so you should take your time and select the pair that will comfortably fit your face. Besides, make sure you select the glasses with a good strap to prevent it from falling into the water while the heat of the moment.

Use The Best Arrow-

When you bow fishing in rocky and shallow areas, then the arrow or tip will become dull. However, for those who are doing it for the first time, they should select the arrow wisely. Many people prefer fiberglass arrow, but carbon fiber arrow is becoming more popular these days for those who don’t want to invest too much. If you use a cheaper arrow, then maybe you can’t catch more fish. These are the important bow fishing tips that you need to remember.


If you cannot hit fish, you need to check your bow; maybe it is not tuned properly. However, checking bow may not be very fun, but you should consider essential bow fishing tips. It can be the great way to make sure your arrow fly in the right direction, and it will also improve the hit-to-miss ratio. Paper tuning your bow is not very difficult, so you should take time to learn it. Once you have checked the bow and are satisfied with the result, check the sight pin.

So use these bow fishing tips to catch more fish on summer days and enjoy your vacation.

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