Some of the Best fishing spots in Ct

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Connecticut has in excess of 180 public lakes and lakes and a huge number of miles of waterways and streams loaded up with game fish and skillet fish including bass, trout, huge walleye, pike or bluegills. The Farmington and Housatonic Rivers are two valued fishing waters. Trout parks are Connecticut lakes or streams that will be loaded week by week with trout from the state’s fish incubation facilities. Eleven water bodies in Connecticut have been assigned as Trout Parks. Trout parks are situated in effectively available regions. Boat inclines are abundant all through the state.

Quinnipiac River

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Like the Farmington, this massive river going through Southington, Cheshire, Meriden, Wallingford, in specific, has some fantastic spots. In Southington and Cheshire you will find the fish. Barbless single-hook artificial lures and flies only are the top tools to use. Open for most of the season. A nice spot, as featured in the link, is the Quinnipiac River State Park in North Haven where there’s fishing, boating and more.

Crescent Lake

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One of the hundreds of lakes across Connecticut, Crescent Lake offers the typical fishing experience. Set way up on top of the hill on Shuttle Meadow Road, it’s an expansive lake, 56 acres to be exact, in the shape of, oddly enough, a crescent. There’s a perfect boat lunch, plenty of parking and a stocked river of catfish and trout amongst other things. Plenty of space to bring the boat and find a little tree to snag the fishing in the shade. Also, a dock to fish off as well as spots along trails in the wooded area. These places are more secluded. A great place to spend a day fishing and enjoying the park/lake.

Farmington River

Pick a spot on the Farmington River and you’ve got a good shot of snatching up a fish. Check out the Website for a detailed map of some of the best spots. Right in Farmington, off I-84 on Route 4 is a bridge with a fishing spot along the Canal Trail already carved out. A parking lot and a bunch of good places to fish and the fish are prevalent. Another spot is further up the road at Apricots Restaurant and beyond that, if you hang along Route 4, the spots keep popping up. Lures work well, along with typical bait and there’s some spots to cast out the fly rod.


Fishing is a serious game that requires persistence, a better than average sense of humor, and obviously, the right area. For southern New England saltwater fishermen, July implies hot fishing in Long Island Sound. What’s more, the most loved late spring quarry in the Sound is striped bass. On account of severe preservation endeavors initiated during the 1980s, ongoing years have created a blast in the district’s striper populace. Connecticut’s waterways and saltwater sea shores offer the absolute best mid year striper fishing in the Northeast. Try not to pass up this incredible open door.

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