Stardew Best Fishing Spots You Should Explore With Your Squad

stardew best fishing spots

Fishing in the amazing Stardew valley can be a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Check out some Stardew best fishing spots here. You have to know that not all Stardew best fishing spots are equal. But it has got something for everyone. Whether you want to catch that one big fish or want to level up your fishing game, this place should be the ultimate destination for you.

Stardew Best Fishing Spots – Pelican Town

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Pelican town is one of the Stardew best fishing spots. The river which runs along the pelican town is one of the prime spots for river fish. The place is a favorite for many people and so you must expect several people here across seasons. Besides, you can also head a few steps toward the south of Jodi fishing spot and you will find river fishes available in all the seasons. If you are up for a rainy spring day fishing, you may be lucky enough to catch a gold star catfish all day long. These fishes are expensive and the starting price is 300 gold so you can make a profit in less time as well. This is one of the reasons this place has been considered as one of Stardew best fishing spots.

Stardew Best Fishing Spots – Leah’s House

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There are deep waters along the lakeside near Leah’s house. Also, It is one of the best Stardew best fishing spots among the people of the Stardew Valley community. The people have the utmost admiration for this place as it is one of the most spot-on destinations for a great fishing experience. Besides, you can turn just right to this place, and simply cast your line into the river to get some of the best fish in the game. During the summer season, you can get lucky to get pike. While in the fall, try looking out for salmon. This fishing spot is not far so you do not have to waste your valuable time traveling.

Stardew Best Fishing Spots – Mountain Lake

This beautiful mountain lake is situated in between Robin’s house and the mines. This lake is also one of the Stardew best fishing spots and gives immense opportunity for fishing. You may want to keep an eye on sturgeon during the summer and winter seasons. Also, during the rainy fall afternoons, you must look for walleye. You may find several precious fish but the lake is also crowded with junk fish. The best time to fish here is the winters and spring season.


If you have tried fishing in Stardew Valley, then you might often question your skills in this area. But these Stardew best fishing spots may help you in your journey. So don’t waste time, and start your journey from these places. The next time you are planning to explore a fishing spot, make sure you select these unique spots and definitely get the unique experience especially if you have a fishing squad with you. It is definitely going to be a fun experience.

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