Starting Out With Beginner Fishing Gear

beginner fishing gear

In this article we will go over some of the most important beginner fishing gear that every fisherman should have. When I say everything I mean the basics, like the line and lures. But let’s be clear, these are not your only two choices, there are many other things that you need or want to have. This article will discuss some of those other items that will greatly increase your chances for a good day of fishing.

One thing you should definitely have, and one that I think is very important, is a topwater rod. I don’t know about you, but when I use one it is one of the most relaxing things I do. The lightness of it, the flex, the ease of handling it. It doesn’t get much better than that.

A Very Strong Rod

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Now, let’s be realistic. There are going to be times when you won’t be able to catch anything and you are just going to have to grin and bear it. However, having a very strong rod, one that will grab the fish even when you aren’t sure if you are going to be able to bring it in is crucial. You will be surprised at just how powerful some of these rods can be. Most beginners’ fishing gear is designed for that eventuality, so you won’t be sorry if you don’t catch anything on that first day.

One other item of beginner fishing gear that you are going to want to have is a quality rod stand. Having something to prop up the rod on when you aren’t actually using it is essential. Not only will it help the rod do its job better, it will also prevent your clothes getting all tangled up with the various bits and pieces of the fish. Of course, having the right type of beginner fishing gear will also help your clothes not to get all messed up, which is something that we all want to avoid.

The Decent Size And Weight Of The Hook

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Of course another thing that you are going to want to look for in your beginner fishing gear is the decent size and weight of the hook that you are going to use. You don’t want to wind up wasting all of your time with a hook that doesn’t work, so take the time to find one that works well and get some practice using it. If you are going to be using live worms then you will also need to have a hook to attach them with. These can be bought very cheaply, so shop around for the best deal.

The tackle box is going to be your final piece of beginner fishing gear. This will store all of your various lures, such as reels, rods and anything else that you might need. It is vitally important to start out with as many different items as possible. You never know when you might need one of the more uncommon types of tackle.

Learning How To Fish

As you become more experienced with your beginner fishing gear, you will start to add Into your equipment. This can be anything from a fish finder to a scale that will tell you how big the fish are. You may also want to buy some additional lures just for the times when you are just learning how to fish.

Once you have a good amount of starter fishing gear then you can start looking into a lot of different types of extras. From extra lines to extra flies, you are only limited by your budget.


When you go out fishing, you never know what kind of things you might catch. It can be a full-grown fish, or maybe a young child stuck on the side of the river. It really doesn’t matter what kind of fish you happen to be catching as long as you have the proper beginner fishing gear. Once you have that then you should be set for some great fishing. Beginner fishing is fun, easy, and it can even get you a few fish!

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