Surf Fishing Tips For The Best Of 2020

surf fishing tips

The first of these surf fishing tips takes place on a beach at low water, preferably a low water spring tide. Think of a crime scene cleaner, and… well, you get the picture. Do not be fooled by how this little tip looks to begin with – it is very dangerous.

The key to these great surf fishing tips is to understand how and why fish behave when they are caught in the surf. When they are caught in the surf, fish tend to try to break loose as soon as possible, in an attempt to release any air in their systems. When this happens, they tend to go flying. If you have ever fished in difficult weather conditions, you know this is inevitable. In order to counteract this tendency, always keep your rod pointed straight back at the fish, even when the current is not particularly strong.

Consider Using L

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The second of the key surf fishing tips involves using live baits. This is something I cannot stress enough. Live baits are generally more successful than lures when fishing in tough weather conditions, such as rain or when the water is moving quickly. I recommend using either hot or cold hooks, live bait, and nymph type lures when fishing in these conditions.

Probably the most important of the many great surf fishing tips involves selecting your tackle. I recommend using mono-filament line with stainless steel hook and stainless steel sinker. These kinds of tackle really let the weight of the fish matter a lot, so you will not have to use nearly as much line to catch a good sized fish. Also, make sure that all of your rods, reels, and lines are synthetic, to allow them to last longer and give you less surprises on the water.


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Another one of the key pieces of surf fishing tips involves selecting the right kind of lures. Some surf fishermen prefer to use traditional style lures, while others rely on lures that are new to them. There are some traditional style lures that work well for catching fish like mackerel and shrimp, while other lures are simply designed to look like other types of fish, including; tuna, Marlin, or sharks. Nodules and fish eggs are also very effective lures, especially if they look natural enough.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Hooks

One other key element in catching the big ones involves choosing the right kind of hooks. Many people have a preference between plastic or wood, however there are many more different options. Good tips include using a fluorocarbon hook, and buying a fluorocarbon line. This is because a graphite tipped hook will snap the crab’s spine, giving them pain.

Summing Up

For those who love fishing the Santa Barbara Channel, June is a great time to go. One of the most popular times for these events is during the summer, which means that bait shops and outfitters will run more sales in June. This is also the time of year when fish migrate from the colder waters of the Pacific to the warmer tropical waters of Southern California. This means that the striped bass, one of the favorites of anglers, will be plentiful during this period of the year. If you’re looking for some more June fishing info, check out this lens.

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