Tackle Direct – The Secret To A Great Fishing Trip

tackle direct

One of the best things that I have ever seen in a fishing tackle box is a heavy duty trash can with a lid. It’s a tool that you don’t think about when you are looking for that perfect fishing tackle, but it comes in very handy. What can be a better way to store your fishing tackle than a big plastic container with a lid? If you throw in some tweezers, some rubber bands, and a can of paint thinner, you have a great centerpiece for your tackle box.

Start With The Lid

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Let’s start with the lid. If you are going to be using anything sharp or bulky in your tackle box, make sure that the lid is large enough to cover it. You don’t want something hanging on the side of the box or poking through the hole in the lid. If you don’t have a lid that is big enough to handle the size of your tackle box, try one that is more proportioned to the size of the box.

The next step is to buy a can of paint thinner and some tweezers. You should also get a pair of pliers and a pair of wire cutters if you plan on doing a lot of hole drilling. All of these items can be found at your local tackle store.

Drill Few Holes

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Next, we will drill a few holes in the fish tank to allow us to fit in our new tackle box. Start by making small holes in the sides of the tank. You need to make these holes a couple of inches deep so that you can put your hooks in the right places. When you are planning your tackle box, it’s very important that you take measurements before you purchase anything. This will help you get the right size of the holes that you drill.

After you have drilled those holes, you can insert your hooks into them. Now that you have your hooks in place, you need to prepare the fish to go into the water. Simply attach a float to the lid of the tank and let the fish go in for a few minutes.

Remove The Float

After about five minutes, remove the float from the lid and put the fish back in the tank. To attach the float to the lid, simply stick it into the hole that you drilled earlier. It’s best that you replace the lid after you fish have been in the water for five minutes. Let the fish sit for another five minutes before removing it.

Once you have let the fish sit for about five minutes, you will need to use some tweezers to pull out the extra line from the fish. You should be sure that you don’t hurt the fish by doing this. After that, you will need to pull the line out of the hole. Make sure that you unplug the end of the line before you do this. Then you should tie the end of the line to an old fishing line.

Bottom Line

Keeping your tackle clean is also very important. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned veteran or you are a beginner at fishing, you should take a little bit of time and clean your tackle before you go out fishing. This will give you the ability to know what is going into your tackle box, so you don’t end up wasting your time or your gear. You need to know what you are going to need before you go out, and this is the only way to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Tackle direct shopping is a great way to make sure that you are buying everything you need!

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