The Most Expensive Fish

A close up of a fish

The most expensive fish is Tilapia. Tilapia, which are popular among amateur and professional chefs alike, are very lean and taste very good. A very interesting factor about Tilapia is that their eggs, like chicken eggs, are fertile for a short period of time after they hatch, but then they must be laid again within a few days. As a result, a lot of Tilapia are hatched and the number of eggs increases over time, resulting in more expensive species.

Tuna is the second most expensive fish. The largest variety of tuna found in stores and restaurants is the Albacore. Although most people know that this is a very rich and flavorful fish, many people tend to avoid it because it has a reputation for being expensive. A good thing about tuna is that it is a portion of very healthy food. It is relatively inexpensive.

Chicken or Salmon can also be prepared as a fish stew. The most expensive fish being prepared this way is Salmon and the most affordable is Chicken.
Whitefish and scallops are some of the cheapest types of fish. If you were to purchase all of the different kinds of whitefish and scallops, there would still be a large discrepancy between the cost. Depending on where you shop, you can find a great deal on scallops and whitefish. You may have to pay more than you would for any other type of fish, however.

Some people like the look of Blue Fish. Though Blue Fish is not as expensive as the more popular fish, they are more affordable than most types of redfish. Tuna and Salmon are more cost than Blue Fish.

Bluegill and Shrimp are the least expensive. These fish tend to be considered by most to be the least expensive fish and are therefore commonly purchased in local grocery stores. Some people prefer the taste of Cod roe when they are buying fish. Other people love the salty taste of tuna roe. The best ones have a great flavor that goes well with many types of dishes.

Salmon is a relatively small variety of fish and therefore one of the least expensive types of fish. It is more popular in markets and restaurants because it is less expensive than other types of fish.
Some people enjoy the taste of Sushi while others like the flavor of Crab or Scallops. It is the nature of the dish that makes the difference.

Once you get to know the different seafood that is available, you will learn that there are a few different varieties of these fish. A great addition to the menu is the different species of trout that are available for purchase in the stores.

Tuna is the most popular variety of fish for sushi, but there are many other varieties of tuna that are delicious and inexpensive. Salmon is a very expensive choice, however, so if you are looking for a bargain fish, then this could be your answer.

The most expensive fish is the Tilapia. Some of the other types of fish that are extremely expensive are the Blue Fish, the Shrimp, and the Squid.

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