Trinity River Fishing Spots – How To Find Them

trinity river fishing spots

If you are looking for Trinity River fishing spots, you have some serious work ahead of you. Tracing the path of the Trinity River is tough. It winds through hills and canyons and even through densely forested areas. You need to be physically fit even to consider trudging this far, and to be honest, I wouldn’t even think about it if I was on vacation.

La Salle River

Fishing Spots

However, there are still some trinity river fishing areas where you can catch trinity river gold without worrying about getting bit. For example, the La Salle River in northeastern Louisiana is very deep and stocked with big fish from early May to September. The main site for trinity river fishing starts at the forks of the La Salle River, which joins the Mississippi River. You will probably find that fishing here will be relatively slow as it gets farther away from the Mississippi. However, don’t get discouraged; you will find the pace to slow down after getting past the fork.

Natchez Trace In Plaquemine Parish

Fishing Spots

Probably the best trinity river fishing spot in southwest Louisiana is the Natchez Trace in Plaquemine Parish. This is in the St. Landry Parish area. The Natchez Trace is close to the Vermilion and Orleans Parish rivers and, due to the channel of the Mississippi River flowing through Plaquemine, is often stocked with trinity fish from these rivers. There is a break in fishing activity along the river near the Natchez Trace. However, fishing here is good all year round.

Another good trinity river fishing spot in southwestern Louisiana is the Natchez Trace in Plaquemine. This is in La Grange Parish. Again, fishing here is good year-round. However, it is better to fish the main river through Plaquemine before heading out to the Tricepate. The Naches flyfishers will find this river is an array of excellent trinity river fishing: crawfish, perch, catfish, pickerel, etc.

Many of the private guide services operate out of this stretch of the Mississippi River in Plaquemine Parish. These guides will know several good trinity river fishing spots that can accommodate their clients. They usually start at Grand Lake, a popular spot for crawfish. Other good trinity river fishing spots in this area are Cedar Island, Napoleonville, Pine Island, and Winnie.

Natchez Trace

A little further north in Plaquemine Parish is the Natchez Trace. This is another good hotspot for trinity river fishing. This is where the river meets the Mississippi River. The guides will know several good spots here for fishing. This is also where you might want to head out with your friends and family and get some river fishing on your end.

Most people who fish the Natchez Trace typically go there to catch crawfish. However, it is also where many come back for the wonderful catches of perch and catfish. You can fish most of the day-long stretches of the river for your desired species if you like. There is always enough fishing for everyone in this area.

Final Thoughts

For those who prefer to fly fishing, the Menominee River is the right place for you. There are numerous spots for your fishing enjoyment. You can find a quiet river or a busy one here. The small streams and creeks here are perfect for those who like to fish for the smallest things.

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