Wading Fishing Gear

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Wade fishing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to catch fish. You need some essential wading fishing gear just as lures, baits, hooks and more. Wade fishing is a simple technique as it does not require huge investments in baits, gear or tackle. Here is a list of the essential wading fishing gear.

Waste Pack

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You can try using the H20 Mojave Waste Pack available at Walmart for $10. This bag has enough storage space, is durable and easily lasts for a couple of seasons. You only need to wash the zippers with clean water after every use. 


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Fill your waist pack with enough lures to last a full day trip, especially if you plan to catch multiple species of fishes. Some good lures are walk-the-dog style top water lure, a popper or chugger style top water lure or a slow sinking, hard twitch bait. You can buy these in various colors like red, bone, chrome, pink, or various other shades. You can even switch the trebles for single-in-line hooks to make sure that the front hook point does not go beyond the eye of the lure.


3 bags of 3 to 4 soft plastic swim tail baits such as DOA CAL Shad Tail or Slayer Sinister Swim Tail or the Mirrolure soft shad. You also need to carry 3 bags of 4 to 6 soft plastic jerk baits. Also carry baits in darker colors that easily mimic a crab or some natural baits like the New Penny or Golden Bream. You can even take glow or white baits.

Hooks & Jig Heads

Take enough hooks and head jigs that are suitable for rigging a variety of plastic swim tail and jerk baits. The hook sizes can vary from company to company, but do not use anything bigger than a 3/0 or smaller than a 1/0 hook. It is best to take unpainted jig heads or the natural gray ones. The red ones are more popular though. Also, it is a good idea to add a few twists on the screw lock jig heads as they hold softer baits better than the spiked shank head.

Terminal Tackle Storage

You will also need a good storage box to keep all your jigs, hooks, spoons and lures. Take a waterproof box that you can easily place in your waist pack.

Additional Supplies

You will also need a couple of small spools of fluorocarbon leader, fish grip, pliers and hook file. Small leader spools take up less room in your waist pack and you can easily carry them in your shirt pocket. A spool of lighter and a spool of heavier leader is needed to cover the different species and the conditions you are likely to face. You will also need a pair of sturdy and rust-resistant pliers with side line cutters. These can be holstered in a belt loop style sheath and attached to a reliable lanyard.

These are some essential wading fishing gear you will need.

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