Maintaining Your Fly Fishing Gear

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Appropriate gear is very important in fly fishing. Many experts also believe that if you want to fly fish properly then you must have the complete set of gear. So every fly fisher, novice, expert have different fly fishing gear that is meant for different fishing locations. Have you ever wondered how should you maintain your fly fishing gear? Well, maintenance of fly fishing gear do not need to be difficult or time consuming. But if you spend a little time to keep your gear clean and functioning well you can save a lot of money down the road. Whether you spent a lot of money on your fly fishing gear or even just a little will be sure worth it to keep it well maintained. So here in this article we will discuss about some of the tips that will help you to maintain your fly fishing gear.

The Fly Rods

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Your fly rod is very important and is often the most expensive piece of fly fishing gear. Hence you will surely want to keep it well-maintained. After you use this gear always clean your rod in warm water and mild detergent and then let it dry completely before you put it back in its stock. This is more important if you have been doing saltwater fishing. Once you have cleaned it you need to dry it and store it in a hard tube. Another tip that will help you is to coat your ferrules lightly with paraffin. Replace any worn out or broken parts immediately when you notice it.

How To Maintain Fly Reels

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It would be best that you use a corrosion-resistant product to coat your reel. When you are not using your reel it is best to keep to covered instead of just dropping it on the ground. Though you do not have to wash your reel after each and every use it would be great if you wash your reel every now and then with warm water and mild soap. Make sure that you follow any suggestions of the manufacturers that might have come with your reel. Before you store it back the drag off completely.

Maintaining Your Flies

Many people instead of taking great care of these little pieces of fly fishing gear they go out and buy the new ones. Though it is good idea that you have a lot of these flies available but you do not have to unnecessarily throw out a fly after using it just once. With your flies the hooks are the most important thing that you have to watch out for. You do want to avoid any kind of corrosion which is more likely when you are doing salt water fishing. Keep your flies dry and rinse then off with warm water and dry them completely before you pack them in their boxes.

So here are some tips that will help you to maintain your fly fishing gear. If you are doing saltwater fishing you need to be particular to wash your gear and dry them completely before you pack them in their boxes.

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