What are the fishing reel types

Fishing reels are divided into several different types. The first task of a fisherman is to choose the right fishing reel for his sport. The choice of the type depends on many factors that influence your fishing style as well as on your personal preferences and tastes because no one can tell you which fishing reel would be best for you. It’s up to you to choose the right one.

There are several different types of fishing reels, which can be divided into two categories: spinning reel and casting reel. In each category, there are more specific types.

Spinning Reel

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Spinning reels have a balanced design that doesn’t require a level arm while fighting with a fish. They are designed for beginning fishermen with an entry-level budget, especially when you’re fishing in freshwater since they work very well with braid and monofilament lines. You can find them equipped with either one or two spinning bearings.

Although most of the spinning reels come ready to use with braided lines if you like to fish with monofilament, make sure the model has an option for it or buy a reel that can be used both ways. Spinning reels are perfect for fishing in calm waters, but their lightweight makes them great when you are using lighter gear.


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One of the biggest advantages of this type of fishing reels is that they are pretty easy to use, and their mechanics of them ensures you’ll have a good time when using them. They’re also great for beginners since they run smoothly with both braided and monofilament lines. Spinning reels require very little maintenance. You don’t need to oil it often or do any tune-ups, either.


Since they are balanced, some braid users might find spinning reels difficult to use when fishing for big saltwater species. Also, since this type of fishing reel has only two bearings, you won’t have a smooth retrieve when you are using heavy braided lines.

Spin cast reel

A spin casting reel is a type of fishing reel with only one handle, which makes it harder to use in comparison to the spinning reel. It’s commonly used by beginner fishermen who want to learn the basics of fishing. They are equipped with either one or two bearings.

Spin cast reels are perfect for fishing small to medium-sized species in calm waters, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in other conditions. The big spool diameter of spin-cast reels allows you to use them with heavy gear and catch bigger species (although it’s not recommended).


As for pros, this type of fishing reel is easier to use than the spinning reel. Another upside is that these reels are great when you’re using heavy gear and catching bigger species. They also eliminate line twisting problems. All models come already equipped with braided lines, so you don’t need to buy them separately.


Most of the spin-cast reels are designed for beginners. That means they aren’t made to last long or do an exceptional job, especially compared to other types. Also, since it has only one handle, you won’t have a good time when using heavy baits with braided lines.


Which is the best fishing reel type for you? It totally depends on your style of fishing and gear. If you’re using heavy gear and big hooks, go with the spin-cast reel. If you enjoy fishing in calm waters and using lighter lines, the spinning reel is perfect for you. When you are starting out your adventure with fishing reels it’s recommended to buy one of each type or at least one spinning reel and one spin casting reel. This way you’ll find the right fishing reel for your needs.

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