Why Soft Fishing Baits Work Great With Big Fishes

Soft Fishing Baits

Why Soft Fishing Baits Work Great With Big Fishes

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Soft fishing baits are great! But, due to some unreasonable aversions, many people totally avoid it! However, once you have given it a try, you will start t love it! And, you will not wish to use anything else at all!

Soft Fishing Baits Are Becoming Really Popular

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Today the popularity of soft baits has grown in leaps and bounds mainly because of an explosion in tackle and techniques. Here are enough reasons for you to give it a try.

1) Effectiveness

The soft plastics of today work incredibly well and seem to be a better way to catch fish. Because they have only been available for a relatively short time anglers are still discovering their huge potential. For me fishing with them has helped to raise the fun factor up another notch. I enjoy trying out new things and soft bait helps bring out a new element of skill when casting, retrieving and reading the water. As the versatility and available variety of these lures increases so will your fishing results.

2) No Mess

I love the fact that the soft baits are clean to use, so no more smelly and slippery hands for me. After using stinky bait it would sometimes take hours to get rid of the smell, even after vigorous scrubbing. Washing down the boat has also become a whole lot easier since there are no more bits of hard dried up bait to find and scrape off.

3) More Control

The unique action associated with the soft material of the baits and the extremely controlled retrieving action of the angler results in highly effective fishing with many varieties of fishes. It’s true that you will have to develop a certain level of finesse while using thsese baits. But they are not that difficult to adopt and learn. The action of luring the fishes with these baits also provides much better control to the one fishing.

Since lures should move with subtle movements your casting technique, retrieve rate and lure weight does need constant adjustment according to wind, current, and fish you are aiming to catch. If fishing from a boat your speed must also be taken into account.

4) Lightweight Tackle

The thing about soft baits is that once you start using it, there is no going back! And, you will want t get the specialist soft bait fishing rods, lines, reels, jig heads, hooks, and baits. The best this is that they need not be too expensive either. You might think that the baits are costly, but they will last for a couple of fishes. You will seldom lose a jig head unless you are casting into rocks. After gaining a little soft bait fishing experience it became apparent to me that it is the cheaper way to fish.

I always try to fish using the lightest tackle possible because for me it’s all about testing my fishing skill in getting the strike, fighting the fish and after a great battle landing it. And, as with any type of bait, you will just have to stick with this one too and practice till you perfect your style.

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